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Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) for car parks and driveways in Herts, Beds and Cambs

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SUDS block paving

SUDS block paving installation

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Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) for car parks and driveways

The increased amount of surface water drained from developed areas is having a huge impact on Britain's river catchments. As developments intensify, less water filters through the soil, leading to increased flows, risk of flooding, and a threat to water quality and the environment. This could worsen as the climate changes and has put drainage and water management firmly under the legislative spotlight. For example, you now need planning permission to lay an impermeable driveway or parking area that measures over five square metres.

With a conventional drainage system, rainwater is carried away as quickly as possible from where it has fallen. This can lead to a number of problems:

  • Water run-off from impermeable paving can cause flooding downstream.
  • Run-off water rapidly picks up contaminants such as oil, organic matter and toxins, resulting in poorer water quality in rivers and groundwater.
  • The redirection of rainfall into piped systems means a reduction in the amount of water seeping directly into the ground and this results in reduced flows during dry weather periods.

However, there are now more sustainable drainage options available. By using materials that have less impact on the environment and by managing surface water run-off more effectively, you can avoid the problems outlined above. By controlling rainwater run-off flow rates, SUDS blocks lessen the environmental effects of urbanisation.. They encourage the recharge of natural ground water and protect wildlife habitats and urban watercourses. The blocks let surface water flow through into a special sub-base material without damaging the structural performance of the driveway.


  • Permeable driveways prevent puddling and water collection points.
  • No need for drains and soakaways.
  • No need to adjust levels.
  • Easy and invisible making good if services need to be installed after installation.


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Examples of our work

Car park at Natural History Museum Tring
Small civils car park construction

SUDS block paving in the car park at Lemsford Mill

Car park at Natural History Museum Tring
Small civils car park construction

Over 50,000 SUDS blocks were used in the Lemsford Mill paving project

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